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Cooler Types

Here we present the different cooler types.

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SideFrontHoodLiquidBoatDouble Turbos


Example: Valtra 6550

This model of the tractor with its exhaust pipe stright up from the turbo has a space for an effective side intercooler.
If the tractor is provided with the exhaust pipe on the right side of the cabin, we can use the front intercooler even if the tractor is provided with aircondition.
Side intercooler to the Valtra 6000 models.
The stainles steel cover for the intercooler.


Example: Valtra T-120

The installation is relatvely easy to do due to that the tractor is pre-fabricated for the intercooler as on the model T-140.
The only difference between T-130 and T-140 is that one is provided with coolersystem, the other not.
Difference in the price is great.
Same as the upper picture.


Example: New Holland MXM 135

It was a pretty hard job.
To climb up on the tractor abt. 200 to 300 times during
24 hours to tailormake all the parts on the site.
That was a real work.
The best of places for an intercooler on a tractor in cold climate.
Very short boost tubing.
When tractor works in real cold weather, the cooling effect fan do not start at all and there is a pre-haeting of the boost air in to the engine due to the warm air from the engine own fan is passing trough the cooler out.


Example: Valtra 8800

An all climate intercooler. During extreme cold climate the cooling do not start before the boost air reaches +50 deg. centigrade into the intake manifold.
The intercooler has an enormous cooling surface consisting of thin wall cupper tubes.
The circulating liquid, window cleaning spirit, is cooled passing this taylor made extreme effective liquidcooler.


We have delivered intercoolers to Formula 1 racing boats provided with scoop-cooling. Most of our boat installations are to normal family boats fitted with too small enigine for the boat with the result of enormous lack of torque.
The new taylor made boat intercoolers ready for delivery.

Double Turbos