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Other Intercooler Installations

Some examples off intercoolers:
1. Air to air in the front of the tractor.
2. Air to air on top of the engine incl. scoop.

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There was not torque enough for turning the tool into the ground without an intercooler.
The Pajero got its liquid intercooler due to that the front was occupied of a cooler for the air condition.
A complete aluminium intercooler for the high pressure peaks
to this street VwBuggy.
The engine room is full up.
The installation to the Vw Golf.
We had to pressurize both in- and outside of the normal carburator.
Not so bad looking?
The pressurized carburator at a close look.
Windside Ltd generator test engine Deutz-Fahr-Mercedes is by us provided with turbo + intercooler + oilcooler.
Deutz-Fahr-Mercedes test engine with the boss of all tests, Mr. Risto Joutsiniemi.