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Fuel Heaters

Fuel heaters use the motor cooling water for pre-heating of the fuel. No flow losses on the fuel side. Lessens fuel consumption.

A beloved child has many names: Diesel heater, diesel pre-heater, fuel pre-heater.

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DP-2T is manufactured for vehicles provided with full flow of heating water trough the cupé heater winter & summer.
This model gives the best result in saving fuel.
DP-2T is fitted with a thermostatic element keeping the fuel temp. on abt. 37 °C.
The arrows show flow directions in the tubing. The tube construction is then mounted into the metallic blue shield.
The upper model of the dieselfuel heater with 8 mm fuel piping is intended for small diesel engine cars, small tractors and foresters.
The mid model with 10 mm fuelpipe is for big tractors, lorries and buses.
The red one is how the thermostatic model looked 15 years ago.